The results are profound, including:
• Increased trust 
• Enhanced relationships, resulting in meaningful power-sharing and true partnership
• More consistent and clearer communication at all levels
• Space for all team members’ voices and opinions to be heard
• More productive work
• An infusion of joy and fun 

The tools I use to achieve these results:
• DISC Behavioral Profiles and Training
• Certified Professional Coaching – Individual and/or Group
• Customized Creativity-Based Seminars and Workshops 

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Training with DiSC

Mission Statement

“We encourage positive outcomes through enhancement of training, communication, motivation, confidence and practical life skills for better performance"

Student Success Report

As an additional benefit, you have an opportunity to purchase access for one Student Success Report for students ages 8-12.  This report will help the child, the parent and the teacher to learn more about:

  • Their characteristics that make them unique and special to this world
  • Strengths
  • What motivates them
  • The communication style they respond to the most
  • The ideal environment for learning and more…

​What is DISC?

DISC is a powerful personal assessment tool used to improve relationships, productivity, teamwork, and communication in the workplace and home. DISC Assessments are administered through an online platform, with follow-up training and consulting live and in-person in order to maximize learning and application.

The DISC Behavioral Profile Assessments work to build self-awareness of one’s behavioral style and the impact it has on others, as well as how to become more effective with styles unlike one’s own.  DISC Assessments are exceptionally well-suited to assist team members at all levels in establishing much more effective communication, smarter and swifter action, and a greater appreciation and respect for individual strengths and differences.  

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We will hand-deliver soft skills and life skills directly
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D – Dominance
People with this style tend to be:
      • Direct
      • Results-oriented
      • Firm
      • Strong-willed
      • Forceful

I – Influence
People with this style tend to be:
      • Outgoing
      • Enthusiastic
      • Optimistic
      • High-spirited
      • Lively

S – Steadiness
People with this style tend to be:
      • Even-tempered
      • Accommodating
      • Patient
      • Humble
      • Tactful

C – Conscientiousness
People with this style tend to be:
      • Analytical
      • Reserved
      • Precise
      • Private
      • Systematic