Mission Statement

“We encourage positive outcomes through enhancement of training, communication, motivation, confidence and practical life skills for better performance"

Sometime you don't need counseling, just better relationship skills

Fighting to Stay Married is an opinion based podcast that talks about the ebbs and flows of marriage.

A person can go throughout their day knowing that they are married but sometimes it can get pushed back in the mind, not intentionally, but pushed back almost to the point of it playing second fiddle. And that can be part of the fight - to keep the marriage at the forefront of the mind.

We will discuss how the couple has to be proactive and go on the offense to constantly keep an eye out for all the internal and external forces that can and will bring harm to the marriage.

Just like the picture depicts, you have the woman in her wedding gown, the man in his tuxedo with boxing gloves on, ready to fight towards the relationship to keep that union protected.


Familiarity erodes communication in the bonds which matter most. A loving jump-start analysis makes room for relational growth, reconnecting any couples’ desire for career, finances, romance, and their posterity.

Imagine a relationship with the same connection, where you can understand your partner in a deeper way. This guidebook will give you some of the tools and skills you would need to start the process of having meaningful relationships. This guide book is only part of the information that is taught in the perfect dance conference.