In today’s world, our culture doesn’t value the interdependence of a healthy team. The culture values independence and puts it above everything else it’s all about "me" and "my needs". For a loving partnership there needs to be a level of inter-dependence involved, which makes a bond stronger than each of you can be separately.

Marriage is challenging, it is serious work. Both couples often bringing a truckload of past hurts and baggage into the relationship. That’s why we get candid and transparent, and show our scars as we reveal more about ourselves and our marriage and the challenges we’ve had to overcome in our 28 plus years together, you may want to put your seat belt on at this time!

Couples Coaching Mission

It is our hope that through our openness and loving stories, you may pick up a thing or two and, in the end learn how to communicate in love. Love is non-negotiable, love is learning how to forgive, and trust again. Love is overcoming the loss of a child, moving past the loss of a family business, taking all those hurts, pain, and circumstances that seek to drive a wedge between you and your partner and turning them to work in your favor, while you’re still winning and keeping the door closed to the enemy.

You can live your marriage vows. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out on the marriage journey, or you are working hard to get your relationship on track or trying to save your marriage. We are on a mission to stomp out divorce in the world, and seeing you triumph through marital challenges is our priority.